Contribute to the MongoDB ProjectΒΆ

There are many ways to contribute to the MongoDB project. For instance, you can:

  1. Answer MongoDB questions on StackOverflow or the MongoDB-user Google Group.
  2. Write a blog post about how you use MongoDB.
  3. Attend (and present at) MUGs or other conferences.
  4. Contribute code to the MongoDB server.
  5. Contribute code to one of the MongoDB, Inc.-supported Drivers.
  6. Contribute to one of the Community Supported Drivers (Not managed by MongoDB, Inc.).
  7. Contribute to the MongoDB Manual.

This section focuses on code contribution, namely, to help you get started with a MongoDB project as well as to get your code approved and merged into the master branch.

Getting Started
Contribute to MongoDB.
Driver Development Guidelines
Resources to help contribute to a driver.
Server Code Development Guidelines
Guidelines for contributing to the MongoDB Server code.
Server Code Build and Testing Resources
Resources to help build and test MongoDB Server code.