MongoDB Masters

MongoDB Masters is an annual program run by MongoDB to recognize and empower leaders in the MongoDB community. Masters serve as ambassadors, leaders, educators, and experts, sharing their first-hand knowledge and experience. Masters complete MongoDB professional certification to demonstrate their expertise.

The Masters participate in regular Q&A sessions with MongoDB engineering, get early access to MongoDB products and services, and are invited to participate in the annual Masters Summit at MongoDB World.

The MongoDB Masters

sorted alphabetically by first name

Beibei Xiao

Beibei has demonstrated his technical excellence soon after he joined Baidu, Chinese version of Google. At Baidu he participated in the Baidu Cloud Live project and spearheaded the Mobile Live Broadcast system. When it comes to MongoDB, as a DevOps engineer, he is on the hook to ensure Baidu Personal Cloud’s 100s of billions of records are safe, sound, and readily accessible. He developed a concurrent MongoDB migration tool and has performed many large cluster migrations with data volume ranging from 10s to 100s billion records. He’s also proud of a Redis based messaging queue application he developed that is capable of handling hundreds of thousands operations per second.

MongoDB Contributions

MUG Beijing Organizer

Atilla Tozser

Attila is a NoSQL / Big Data enthusiast currently working on shaping the future of travel. He has managed university research projects, is familiar with security regulations and enterprise requirements of various kinds, and currently focuses on NoSQL industrialization. He knows and loves the internals of Linux and is keen to get the last 1% of performance out of any hardware he may need to use. Attila is experienced in data warehousing and mining, and holds several industry certifications. He blogs, posts and generates content which may help NoSQL to dominate the world.

Charity Majors

Charity is the technical lead for operations at Parse, where she is happily building out the next generation of mobile platform technology. Prior to Parse she spent several years building infrastructure for companies like Linden Lab and Shopkick. She likes whiskey, economics and command line interfaces.

MongoDB Contributions

  • Chef and MongoDB.

Dai Shi

Dai is a site reliability engineer at Foursquare in San Francisco. His team is responsible for designing, building, fixing, scaling, monitoring, and automating all of Foursquare’s infrastructure. Dai has worked on building systems that automate Foursquare’s routine operations with MongoDB in order to keep it healthy and stable. Prior to Foursquare, he was building distributed business intelligence systems at Target Corporation in Minneapolis, and designed and programmed embedded micro-electronics at Honeywell International.

Doug Garret

Doug is computer scientist and a computational biologist at Genentech, where he is pioneering work on genome sequencing using MongoDB. At the moment Doug is in the process of building a brand new business for Genentech in genomic sequencing and personalized medicine. As a part of this initiative Doug is building a genome sequencing platform using MongoDB.

Doug is a prolific writer and has coauthored the book “MongoDB in Action.” He is in the process of writing his second book on MongoDB.

Flavio Percoco

Flavio works in the Research and Development department at The Net Planet Europe and is an avid MongoDB community contributor. His host of contributions include Pymongo, the Django Database Engine (co-author and maintainer), the MongoDB plugin for Eclipse and the Python virtual machine for MongoDB. He lives in Milan, Italy, and is a frequent speaker at MongoDB and Europe technology conferences.

Gustavo Niemeyer

Gustavo acts as the technical lead behind projects from Canonical such as the Landscape systems management platform, the juju orchestration framework, and the Storm object-relational mapper for Python. In his free time, among other things Gustavo is a contributor to Google’s Go language, is the author of the mgo (mango) MongoDB driver for Go, and also designed the Geohash concept that is used internally by MongoDB.

MongoDB Contributions

Jai Hirsch

Jai is currently a Systems Architect for Data Technologies at CARFAX. He started writing software in 1995 and has been writing JVM-based data transformations and batch services since 2006. The past few years he has been focused on high volume MongoDB implementations using distributed processing through AMQP. He is one of the lead engineers who converted the CARFAX vehicle history database from a legacy distributed key-value store on OpenVMS to a twelve billion record, ten terabyte MongoDB instance that is replicated to multiple datacenters and grows by over a billion records yearly.

MongoDB Contributions

Jared Cotrell

Jared is a serial startup-er with 15 years of experience at all stages of the startup lifecycle and a passion for systems thinking. As a co-founder at MongoLab, he has built systems to deploy, manage, and monitor MongoDB across all major public clouds. He has helped countless users be successful building apps with MongoDB, focusing in particular on performance, scalability, and security. Jared holds an S.B. and an M.Eng. in Computer Science from MIT.

MongoDB Contributions

Jeff Berger

Jeff first began programming in graduate school working on numerical simulations of particle collisions running in C across large computing clusters at Penn State. After receiving his doctorate in theoretical physics he moved to NYC and began working in software. He is currently the Lead Database Engineer at Sailthru. In his spare time he works at L6 Consulting with colleagues from his physics days developing software and modeling nonlinear integro-differential equations.

Jongmyun Joo

Jongmyun is and active community evangelist and the leader of the South Korea MongoDB User Group. He is a certified Oracle ACE, member of the expert committee of the Korea Database Promotion Agency, and full-time lecturer on database technology at the The Korea SW Technology Association.

MongoDB Contributions

Jorge Puente Sarrín

Jorge is a software developer at RebelMouse. Prior to RebelMouse, he worked at Red Científica Peruana (RCP) and El Comercio, where he leaded the adoption and integration of MongoDB into the company’s IT infrastructure. He is a passionate developer focused on building distributed systems solutions using asynchronous programming with Python and .NET.

As the head of the MongoDB User Group in Peru, Jorge has contributed greatly to evangelization of MongoDB in the country. He has participated in conferences promoting it across several Peruvian cities and is currently spearheading the translation of the MongoDB manual and online education courses into Spanish.

Katia Aresti

Katia has worked in IT since 2005, first as a consultant at Xebia and Sopra, and as a freelancer since September 2012. She’s mostly a Java developer (while also dabbling in PHP). Katia has worked with MongoDB since 2010, becoming one of the first Java teams to get MongoDB into production in France at urban dive. She’s spoken at Java User Groups, MongoDB Days and MongoDB User groups about her Java and MongoDB expertise in hands-on workshops, presentations and open space Q&A’s. One of her ventures is Duchess France, which focuses on educating women developers on emerging technologies. She is passionate about Open Source and enjoys getting involved in community contributions.

MongoDB Contributions

Kenny Gorman

Kenny has over a decade of experience with various database platforms behind some of the busiest websites in the world. He has had roles as Developer, DBA, Architect, Manager and Director. He was an early adopter of MongoDB in 2009 using it for various projects at Shutterfly. He wrote an early Python version of the mongostat tool that is distributed with MongoDB today. He enjoys performance tuning, large scale systems development, and tricky database problems.

MongoDB Contributions

  • Wrote the original mongostat in Python. This has since moved to the core distribution.

Kevin Cearns

Kevin is an IT consultant focused on providing outsourced operations to customers specializing in web and mobile application development. He has been in IT for 18 years and left a position as Director of IT for one of the largest print/media companies in Canada in 2003 to start Entuit Enterprise Solutions Inc. His firm provides continuous integration and deployment services for customers on site or hosted with AWS or Google Cloud Computing.

Mark Callaghan

Mark worked with great teams to make MySQL better for scale-out deployments at Facebook & Google for 9+ years. His current focus at Facebook is storage efficiency for OLTP via RocksDB, MySQL and MongoDB. Prior to his web-scale work he spent many years working on RDBMS internals at Oracle and Informix. He invented and implemented a very fast general purpose sort algorithm for the Oracle RDBMS. He has an MS in CS from UW-Madison.

Michael Kennedy

Michael is an author, an instructor, and the technical curriculum director at DevelopMentor. He is also a co-founder, author, and lead developer for LearningLine, DevelopMentor’s online training platform. Michael has been working with MongoDB since 2010, and is the author of the MongoDB online course on LearningLine. He has started several businesses which are built upon MongoDB and has given many user group, code camp, and conference talks on MongoDB throughout the world.

Beyond MongoDB, Michael has been building commercial applications with .NET since its initial public beta in 2001. Prior to working with .NET, he spent years working with C++ on Windows and SGI platforms. He holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from San Diego State University and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

MongoDB Contributions

Michael Poremba

Michael is a Data Architect and Solution Architect with technical expertise in application performance and scalability for high transaction volume database applications. Michael’s domain experience crosses a variety of industries including: health care, financial services, IT management, content management and distribution, content targeting, telecom, manufacturing, and insurance. Michael leverages his experience on complex relation database applications to help engineers design and build solutions where MongoDB is more appropriate for the data workload. He specializes in understanding complex application requirements, schema design, cluster sharding strategies, secondary indexes, and query performance.

Nick Martin

Nick is the VP of Engineering at Meteor Development Group (https://www.meteor.com/). He’s been using MongoDB since 2011 and currently runs over 50,000 databases spanning many terabytes. In previous lives Nick has built everything from real-time peer-to-peer networks, to iPhone applications, to the software inside black vans.

Nicola Iarocci

Nicola is a passionate Python and C# developer based in Ravenna, Italy. He is the co-founder of CIR2000 where he leads the development of Amica 10, an accounting software solution for Italian small businesses. He is the creator and maintainer of a few open source projects and a speaker at local and international conferences.

MongoDB Contributions

Pedro Pessoa

Pedro has been a Linux admin for 12+ years and has worked with Java, Python, and C developers for over 14 years. Currently he’s an Ops engineer at ‘Server Density <http://www.serverdensity.com>’ - a hosted server and website monitoring service, currently processing 30TB+ per month into MongoDB running on dedicated and virtual instances.

Rick Copeland

Rick is the co-founder and CTO of Synapp.io, a startup that helps businesses fix their email marketing deliverability problems. Rick has been using MongoDB since 2009 and Python since 2005, and has spoken at various user groups and conferences on both topics. He is a member of the Python Software Foundation and the Masters of MongoDB.

Previously, Rick was a software engineer with SourceForge, where he helped reinvent and open-source the SourceForge platform as the Apache Allura project using Python and MongoDB.

Rick is also the author of MongoDB Applied Design Patterns, published by O’Reilly.

Robert J Moore

Rob is the President of Allanbank Consulting. When one of his customers needed to take its system to the next level of performance he used MongoDB to meet and exceed their expectations, which they described as “crazy”. When they asked to go even faster, Rob led a small team to create the Asynchronous Java Driver to push the envelope even further.

Russell Smith

Russell is a co-founder of Rainforest QA. He is a Mongo old-timer, lover of databases, speaker, and ex-ops guy. He is an englishman living in San Francisco, and founded the London MUG. Today he runs the SF MUG.

Sigfrido Narvaez

Sigfrido is a Principal Software Architect for Sage North America, where he works on Cloud & Mobility initiatives that span ERP, CRM, Payments & other verticals, on the Azure cloud. Sig organizes the Orange County MongoDB User Group (OC-MUG) which has been running for more than 2 years.

Sig has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Colorado State University and a Bachelor’s from CETYS Universidad, an educational institution of excellence from Baja California, México, from where he originates. Sig lives with his wife and two children in Orange County, California, and enjoys swimming, craft beer and going to all sorts of meetup groups.

Tom Leach

Tom is the Principal Engineer in charge of Platform at GameChanger in NYC. He spends his time all over the stack, but mostly with the problems of scaling distributed systems. His background is in Enterprise Java and relational databases such as Oracle, MySQL and Postgres. About 4 years ago Tom decided it was time to shift his focus to a different tech stack and quickly began writing a lot of Ruby, Python, Javascript and Objective-C, as well as building applications based on top of NoSQL data stores.

Travis Redman

Travis works at Facebook on the Parse production engineering team. Parse has built a powerful and easy-to-use platform for mobile app development on top of MongoDB. He works primarily on MongoDB operations, ensuring the stability and performance of half a million apps on an ever-growing fleet of MongoDB servers. Travis studied Computer Science at Maryville College, and began working in tech in 2007. Prior to Parse, he worked in various systems roles at Scripps Networks and the City of Maryville. When he’s not working, you can usually find him hiking up mountains, climbing, or playing strategy games.

Trisha Gee

Trisha has developed Java applications for a range of industries, including finance, manufacturing and non-profit, for companies of all sizes. She has expertise in high performance Java systems, is passionate about enabling developer productivity, and dabbles with Open Source development. Trisha blogs regularly on subjects that she thinks developers and other humans should care about, helps lead the Sevilla Java User Group and the Sevilla MongoDB User Group, and is a key member of the London Java Community and a Java Champion. She believes we shouldn’t all have to make the same mistakes again and again.

William Kennedy

William is a managing partner at Ardan Studios in Miami, FL, a mobile, web, and systems development company. He is also a co-author of the book “Go In Action”, author of the blog GoingGo.Net and organizer for the Go and MongoDB meetups in Miami. Bill is focused on Go education through his new venture, Ardan Labs, where he works with individuals and groups who want to take their Go knowledge and coding skills to the next level.