Download and Run MongoDB Yourself

Production Release (2.6.7) — 1/14/2015

This table lists MongoDB distributions by platform and version. We recommend using these binary distributions, but there are also packages available for various package managers.


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Previous Releases (stable)

Windows Linux Mac OS X Solaris

2.4.12 — 10/16/2014

2.2.7 — 1/16/2014

Development Releases (unstable)

Windows Linux Mac OS X Solaris

3.0.0-rc6 — 1/23/2015

Source: tgz | zip

3.0 Nightly

Source: tgz | zip

2.6 Nightly

Source: tgz | zip

Archived Releases

Windows Linux Mac OS X Solaris


Cloud Hosting

You can also get access to a MongoDB instance in the cloud. See the MongoDB cloud partners page for more information.


Information on how to separately download or install the drivers and tools can be found on the Drivers page.

Source Code

Source code is available for MongoDB and all drivers.


MongoDB is included in several different package managers. Generally speaking, it is easier to simply install the prebuilt binaries from above.

Documentation PDF

In addition to the MongoDB Manual, you can download a PDF of the MongoDB Manual.