SCons and MongoDB

Use SCons to build MongoDB and related utilities and libraries. See the SConstruct file for details.

Run scons --help to see all options.


Run scons <target>.

  • scons all: build everything
  • scons mongod: build mongod (this is the default target if none is specified)
  • scons mongo: build the shell
  • scons mongoclient: build just the client library (builds libmongoclient.a on UNIX)
  • scons test: build the unit test binary test


  • --d: debug build; all this does is turn optimization off
  • --dd: debug build with _DEBUG defined (extra asserts, checks, etc.)
  • --release
  • --32: force 32 bit
  • --64: force 64 bit
  • --clean: cleans the target specified
  • --mute: suppress compile and link command lines
  • --ssl: builds MongoDB with SSL support


SCons generates a config.log file. See this file when there are problems with scons starting up.

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