Project Ideas for Contributors

If you’re interested in getting involved in the MongoDB community (or the open source community in general) a great way to do so is by starting or contributing to a MongoDB related project. Here we’ve listed some project ideas for you to get started on. For some of these ideas projects are already underway, and for others nothing (that we know of) has been started yet.

10gen Labs

Contribute to a project in 10gen labs, 10gen’s incubator for open source MongoDB tools. There are a number of projects that can use the community’s input


One feature that is often requested for MongoDB is a GUI, much like CouchDB’s futon or phpMyAdmin. There are a couple of projects working on this sort of thing that are worth checking out:

We’ve also started to spec out the features that a tool like this should provide.

A REST Interface

There are a number of requests for a REST API for MongoDB. There are a number of existing projects out there that could use contributors

Try MongoDB!

It would be neat to have a web version of the MongoDB Shell that allowed users to interact with a real MongoDB instance (for doing the tutorial, etc). A project that does something similar (using a basic MongoDB emulator) is here:


Mongoly is another great interactive tutorial by Karl Seguin


There is a project working towards creating a FUSE filesystem on top of GridFS - something like this would create a bunch of interesting potential uses for MongoDB and GridFS:


Framework Adaptors

Working towards adding MongoDB support to major web frameworks is a great project, and work has been started on this for a variety of different frameworks (please use google to find out if work has already been started for your favorite framework).

Logging and Session Adaptors

MongoDB works great for storing logs and session information. There are a couple of projects working on supporting this use case directly.

Package Managers

Add support for installing MongoDB with your favorite package manager and let us know!


If you use an esoteric/new/awesome programming language write a driver to support MongoDB! Again, check google to see what people have started for various languages.

Some that might be nice:

  • Scheme (probably starting with PLT)
  • GNU R
  • Visual Basic
  • Lisp (e.g, Common Lisp)
  • Delphi
  • Falcon

Write a killer app that uses MongoDB as the persistence layer!

MongoDB Future Admin UI Requirements

Spec/requirements for a future MongoDB admin UI:

  • list databases
    • repair, drop, clone?
  • collections
    • validate(), datasize, indexsize, clone/copy
  • indexes
  • queries - explain() output
  • security: view users, adjust
  • see replication status of slave and master
  • sharding
  • system.profile viewer ; enable disable profiling
  • curop / killop support