Error CodesΒΆ


This list is HIGHLY incomplete. This page is a stub.

If you have and error event and it isn’t obvious what the error is, query for that error code on Jira. If still nothing please post to support forums.

Error Code Description Comments
10003 objects in a capped ns cannot grow  
11000 duplicate key error _id values must be unique in a collection
11001 duplicate key on update  
12000 idxNo fails an internal error
12001 can’t sort with $snapshot the $snapshot feature does not support sorting yet
12010, 12011, 12012 can’t $inc or $set an indexed field  
13312 replSet error : logOp() but not primary? Fixed in v2.0. Report if seen v2.0+
13440 bad offset accessing a datafile Run a database –repair. If journaling is on this shouldn’t happen.