Emacs Tips

You can edit confluence directly from emacs:

First, follow the basic instructions on http://code.google.com/p/confluence-el/

Change the confluence-url in their sample setup to http://mongodb.onconfluence.com/rpc/xmlrpc

Might also want to change the default space to DOCS or DOCS-ES or whatever space you edit the most.

etags Setup (suggested by mstearn)

First, install “exuberant ctags”, which has nicer features than GNU etags.


Then, run something like this in the top-level mongo directory to make an emacs-style TAGS file:

ctags -e --extra=+qf --fields=+iasnfSKtm --c++-kinds=+p  --recurse .

Then you can use M-x visit-tags-table, M-., M-* as normal.