MongoDB Masters

The MongoDB Masters are a group of MongoDB core contributors and community evangelists who are dedicated to sharing their passion and technical expertise with the MongoDB community around the world. The MongoDB Masters play a vital role in the adoption, education and advancement of MongoDB.

The MongoDB Masters

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Roman Alexis Anastasini

Roman is a Scala and C# Developer based in Beijing. Originally from Germany, he was formerly a Technical Manager at Gameforge in Kahlsrue, Germany. He’s now excited to encounter new adventures in Beijing.

Katia Aresti

Katia has worked in IT since 2005, first as a consultant at Xebia and Sopra, and as a freelancer since September 2012. She’s mostly a Java developer (while also dabbling in PHP). Katia has worked with MongoDB since 2010, becoming one of the first Java teams to get MongoDB into production in France at urban dive. She’s spoken at Java User Groups, MongoDB Days and MongoDB User groups about her Java and MongoDB expertise in hands-on workshops, presentations and open space Q&A’s. One of her ventures is Duchess France, which focuses on educating women developers on emerging technologies. She is passionate about Open Source and enjoys getting involved in community contributions.

MongoDB Contributions

Peter Bell

Peter is Senior VP Engineering and Senior Fellow at General Assembly, a campus for technology, design, and entrepreneurship. He’s a regular presenter at national and international conferences on Ruby, Node.js, NoSQL (especially MongoDB and neo4j), cloud computing, software craftsmanship, Java, groovy, javascript, and requirements and estimating. He is on the program committee for Code Generation in Cambridge, England, and the Domain Specific Modeling workshop at SPLASH (was ooPSLA) and reviews and shepherds proposals for the BCS SPA conference.

He has presented at a range of conferences including DLD conference, ooPSLA, QCon, RubyNation, SpringOne2GX, Code Generation, Practical Product Lines, the British Computer Society Software Practices Advancement conference, DevNexus, cf.Objective(), CF United, Scotch on the Rocks, WebDU, WebManiacs, UberConf, the Rich Web Experience and the No Fluff Just Stuff Enterprise Java tour. He has been published in IEEE Software, Dr. Dobbs, IBM developerWorks, Information Week, Methods & Tools, Mashed Code, NFJS the Magazine and GroovyMag. He’s currently writing a book on managing software development for Pearson.

Evan Broder

Evan Broder has worked on systems and infrastructure at Stripe for two years, helping them stay online through two orders of magnitude of growth. Previously, he worked on virtualization management and the Linux desktop at MokaFive and helped build XVM at MIT, one of the earliest cloud computing environments.

Rick Copeland

Rick Copeland is a Lead Software Engineer at SourceForge. His team introduced MongoDB to the SourceForge technology stack by migrating the consumer-facing pages of SourceForge from a PHP/relational database platform to Python/MongoDB. Out of that experience came Ming, an MongoDB object/document mapper for Python that Rick maintains and continues to develop. He also helped lead the effort to rewrite the developer tools (wiki, tickets, forums, repos, etc.) portion of the SourceForge site on the Python/MongoDB platform and released that platform as Allura under the Apache License. He also created the Zarkov realtime analytics framework (also released under the Apache license) used at SourceForge to calculate project statistics. He is a frequent speaker at MongoDB events and an avid MongoDB enthusiast.

MongoDB contributions

Justin Dearing

Justin Dearing has been working in IT in 2002. He started his career as a night shift AS/400 operator and rose through the ranks at a series of companies.

Justin has worked in both the development and production side of the house on Windows, Unix and Midrange Platforms. Besides MongoDB his database experience includes MySQL, Postgres and Microsoft SQL server. These days he mainly programs in C#, Powershell and PHP.

Justin’s life was forever changed on 2009-10-27 when Kristina Chodorow presented a talk on mongodb at NYPHP and destroyed everything he knew to be right, holy and true about databases. A few months later he push a small app using MongoDB to production. In addition to afflicting the world with apps that use MongoDB, he has contributed to the core server and the official .NET driver.

Justin lives in Jersey City with his wife and 3 laptops.

Mike Dirolf

Mike was the original author of the PyMongo project and a maintainer of the mongo-ruby-driver. He co-authored O’Reilly’s MongoDB: The Definitive Guide. He maintains several MongoDB-related open source projects, and is the founder of a web service, Fiesta (https://fiesta.cc), that uses MongoDB as its primary data store.

MongoDB Contributions

Sam Flint

Sam is the Lead Database Engineer at Sailthru, a company that automatically tailors email, web, push notifications and advertising content down to the unique user. Previously worked a SnagAJob where he developed a C# DAL over MongoDB and Microsoft SQL Server. He enjoys billiards and a nice craft beer.

MongoDB Contributions

Stéphane Godbillion

Stéphane is the maintainer of ReactiveMongo, the asynchronous and non-blocking MongoDB driver for Scala and the organizer of the Paris MongoDB User Group. He is an Architect at Zenexity in Paris.

MongoDB Contributions

Kenny Gorman

Kenny Gorman has over a decade of experience with various database platforms behind some of the busiest websites in the world. He has had roles as Developer, DBA, Architect, Manager and Director. He was an early adopter of MongoDB in 2009 using it for various projects at Shutterfly. He wrote an early python version of the Mongostat tool that is distributed with MongoDB today. He enjoys performance tuning, large scale systems development, and tricky database problems.

MongoDB Contributions

Wrote the original /reference/mongostat in Python. This has since moved to core distribution.

Justin Hileman

Justin is a maker of the internet. He is the author of Genghis, the single-file MongoDB admin app, available in two delicious Ruby and PHP flavors. He has also contributed to the Doctrine2 MongoDB ODM, along with various and sundry other Open Source projects.

Jai Hirsch

Jai Hirsch is currently a Systems Architect for Data Technologies at CARFAX. He started writing software in 1995 and has been writing JVM-based data transformations and batch services since 2006. The past few years he has been focused on high volume MongoDB implementations using distributed processing through AMQP. One of the lead engineers to convert the CARFAX vehicle history database from a legacy distributed key value store on OpenVMS to a twelve billion record, ten terabyte MongoDB instance that is replicated to multiple datacenters and grows over a billion records yearly.

MongoDB Contributions

Jon Hoffman

Jon is a software engineer and currently runs the infrastructure engineering team at foursquare. His team is tasked with designing the backends of new features, building robust systems to keep the platform running smoothly and helping other engineers get things done. In the course of his tenure at foursquare Jon has made contributions to the mongoDB’s core server, mongo-java-driver, Lift Framework, and scalaj-http projects. Jon recently presented work the foursquare infrastructure team built to add robustness to mongo on top of unreliable disk. Before foursquare Jon spent a brief time working at a three person startup, built distributed systems at Goldman Sachs, worked on VoIP apps for the telephone company, created a medical record app for palm pilot, and graduated from Carnegie Mellon.

MongoDB Contributions

Alon Horev

Alon Horev is a lead software developer in Intucell (acquired by Cisco). His team migrated the flagship product to MongoDB and provides database APIs and services. Alon wrote PQL to provide a SQL-like syntax for querying MongoDB. Alon speaks at the Israeli MongoDB user group regularly. When Alon isn’t at work, he contributes to open source (mostly Python) and the Hebrew Khan Academy and goes surfing.

MongoDB Contributions

Nicola Iarocci

Nicola is a passionate Python and C# developer based in Ravenna, Italy. He is the co-founder of CIR2000 where leads the development of Amica 10, an accounting software solution for italian small business. He is the creator and maintainer of a few open source projects and a speaker at local and international conferences.

MongoDB Contributions:

Conrad Irwin

Conrad is a developer tools fanatic. By day he’s the VP of Engineering at Bugsnag, helping thousands of developers to keep their apps bug-free. By night he maintains Pry, the featureful development console for Ruby. Originally from the UK, he moved to San Francisco to build Rapportive in 2010 and hasn’t looked back since. He regularly blogs and speaks at conferences about software engineering topics, particularly MongoDB.

Takahiro Inoue

Takahiro is a Chief Data Scientist at Treasure-Data Inc where he uses MongoDB for log data analysis. He is a frequent speaker on MongoDB and Data and the organizer of the Organizer of the Tokyo MongoDB User Group

MongoDB Contributions

Jongmyun Joo

Jongmyun is and active community evangelist and the leader of the South Korea MongoDB User Group. He is a certified Oracle ACE and Member of the expert committee on Korea Database Promotion Agency and Full-time lecturer on Database technology at the The Korea SW Technology Association.

MongoDB Contributions

Michael Kennedy

Michael is an author, an instructor, and the technical curriculum director at DevelopMentor. He is also a co-founder, author, and lead developer for LearningLine <https://learninglineapp.com/schedule>_, DevelopMentor’s <http://www.develop.com/>_ online training platform. Michael has been working with MongoDB since 2010. He is the author of the MongoDB online course on LearningLine. He has started several businesses which are built upon MongoDB. He has given many user group, code camp, and conference talks on MongoDB throughout the world.

Beyond MongoDB, Michael has been building commercial applications with .NET since its initial public beta in 2001. Prior to working with .NET, he spent years working with C++ on Windows and SGI platforms. He holds a Master’s degree in Mathematics from San Diego State University and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

MongoDB Contributions

Michael Klishin

With many years of open source contributions behind him, his most recent project is ClojureWerkz, a growing collection of open source Clojure libraries.

MongoDB Contributions

  • Mongoer, a Clojure MongoDB driver for a more civilized age

Lennart Koopmann

Lennart Koopmann is a developer from Hamburg, Germany and author of Graylog2 - A free and open source log mangement system that uses MongoDB as database. He also wrote mongo_analyzer, a little web frontend on top of the MongoDB profiler that helps you optimizing your queries.

MongoDB Contributions

Lynn Langit

Lynn Langit was a developer evangelist for the Microsoft MSDN team for the previous 4 years. Prior to working at Microsoft, she founded and served as lead architect of a development firm that created BI solutions. She holds a number of Microsoft certifications, including MCITP, MCSD, MCDBA, and MCT. Lynn left Microsoft to do consulting and training in October 2011. Lately she’s authored and taught for DevelopMentor (SQL Server 2012 and Google App Engine) and she’s created a series of talks around ‘NoSQL for the RDBMS professional’ and MongoDB for the .NET Developer.

MongoDB Contributions

Jeff Lee

Jeff has been a DBA for most of his career, working primarily with Oracle and MySQL for over 15 years at companies such as Dreamworks Animation, Restoration Hardware, and Gymboree - specializing in performance tuning and Disaster Recovery.

He started working with MongoDB at NgMoco in 2010, and currently divides his time between supporting MongoDB and managing the cloud infrastruture at Ban.jo.

Nat Luengnaruemitchai

Bio: working in financial industry. Help out on a couple projects such as ikvm, dnanalytics, mongodb

Nat Luengnaruemitchai on Github

MongoDB Contributions

  • Bug fixes/small enhancement in mongodb core, c# driver, java driver
  • Over 2,700 posts on the mongodb-user group (free support forum)

Charity Majors

Charity is the technical lead for operations at Parse, where she is happily building out the next generation of mobile platform technology. Prior to Parse she spent several years building infrastructure for companies like Linden Lab and Shopkick. She likes whiskey, economics and command line interfaces.

  • MongoDB Contributions*
  • Chef and MongoDB.

David Makogon

David Makogon has been a software creationist and architect for over 25 years. He’s currently a Senior Cloud Architect at Microsoft specializing in Windows Azure.

Since 2010, David has been working with MongoDB, specifically in Windows Azure. He built both standalone and replica set samples, presenting these at MongoDC and MongoSV in 2010. He’s also provided architectural guidance to several ISV’s as they build Windows Azure solutions coupled with MongoDB.

Outside of computing, David is an avid photographer and family man, with a penchant for puns and an uncanny ability to read backwards.

Harry Marr

Harry Marr (@harrymarr on Twitter) is the author of MongoEngine, a popular Python ODM (Object-Document Mapper). He hails from London, where he spends most of his time working in Python and Ruby. He was previously employed at Conversocial, where he drove a migration from MySQL to MongoDB using MongoEngine. He currently works at GoCardless, an early-stage startup with some exciting ambitions in the payments space. When he’s not working on disrupting the payments industry, he can be found hacking on various open source projects (https://github.com/hmarr).

MongoDB Contributions

Simon Maynard

Simon is the co-founder and CTO of Bugsnag, the application error monitoring service. He has been a MongoDB user since 2010 and has maintained and monitored large production MongoDB deployments for both Heyzap and Bugsnag. He often writes and talks about his experiences scaling and monitoring MongoDB clusters. Prior to using MongoDB, Simon worked on large scale IT projects for the UK Government and the Nationwide Building Society mobile app.

MongoDB Contributions

Robert J. Moore

Rob is the President of Allanbank Consulting. When one of his customers needed to take their system to the next level of performance he used MongoDB to meet and exceed their, self described, crazy expectations. When they asked to go even faster, Rob lead a small team to create the Asynchronous Java Driver to push the envelope even further.

MongoDB Contributions

David Murphy

David is currently the Lead DBA for Object Rocket, where he works on sharding, mongo, tool building, very large-scale issues, and high performance mongo architecture. Before that he was the MySQL/NoSQL Architect for Electronic Arts, after working in segments from data centers to high performance advertising with skills ranging from programing to hardware/network design he brings a top down view into troubleshooting and tuning. He enjoys large-scale operational tool building, high performance OS and Database tuning, and extending mongo to improve operations team both large and small.

David Mytton

David has been a PHP/Python programmer for 11 years. He is the founder of Server Density a hosted server monitoring service where he built the original code and server infrastructure behind the application which is now processing over 1bn documents (12TB data) each month. Server Density uses MongoDB extensively as our primary data store since 2009, and it now deployed across 50 servers on Softlayer Cloud. He is a regular speaker on MongoDB and runs the London MongoDB User Group.

MongoDB Contributions

Arthur Neves

Arthur works in the Performance and Site reliability team at Shopify. He worked for 500px, an online photography community, which uses MongoDB for a big part of its data. He frequently speaks in conferences and user groups about MongoDB. Arthur loves large scale system problems, and databases are a particular interest for him. Arthur is also a core maintainer of Mongoid, a popular MongoDB ODM for ruby, and he is responsible for many open source contributions.

MongoDB Contributions

Gustavo Niemeyer

Gustavo acts as the technical lead behind projects from Canonical such as the Landscape systems management platform, the juju orchestration framework, and the Storm object-relational mapper for Python. In his free time, among other things Gustavo is a contributor to Google’s Go language, is the author of the mgo (mango) MongoDB driver for Go, and also designed the Geohash concept that is used internally by MongoDB.

MongoDB Contributions

John Nunemaker

John Nunemaker develops simple and beautiful software at Github. His startup, Ordered List, recently acquired by Github, has several MongoDB backed applications in production – Gauges, Harmony and Speaker Deck. He is also the creator of MongoMapper, a popular Ruby object mapping library for MongoDB.

MongoDB Contributions


Niall O’Higgins

Niall O’Higgins is the co-founder of a software product & services company specializing in NoSQL, mobile and cloud computing. He is the author of the book MongoDB and Python published by O’Reilly. He is the founder and organizer of both the San Francisco Python Web Technology Meet-up, PyWebSF and the Bay Area Tablet Computing Group, We Have Tablets. He has published quite a bit of Open Source software - contributing to OpenBSD and Pyramid among others - and frequently speaks at conferences and events.

MongoDB Contributions

Flavio Percoco

Flavio works in the Research and Development department at The Net Planet Europe and is an avid MongoDB community contributor. His host of contributions include Pymongo, the Django Database Engine (co-author and maintainer), the MongoDB plugin for eclipse and the python virtual machine for MongoDB. He lives in Milan, Italy, and is a frequent speaker at MongoDB and Europe technology conferences.

MongoDB Contributions

Mitch Pirtle

Mitch is currently CTO at Sounday Music, a social and services platform catering to the music industry. There he maintains the core platform comprised of MongoDB and the Lithium framework for PHP.

He was first corrupted by Dwight Merriman while launching Jetsetter for Gilt Groupe, which went on to be the first e-commerce site powered by MongoDB. He then followed that up by launching Totsy, the first e-commerce site to rely solely on MongoDB for all data storage. He is also an original core member for the Mambo content management system, where he went on to found Joomla! and Open Source Matters. Before that he was contributing to many open source projects, and was an outspoken advocate for PostgreSQL, which still remains his favorite relational database.

He is based in Turin Italy with his wife, kids, and rapidly proliferating devices.

Jorge Puente Sarrín

Jorge is a Peruvian software developer currently working at Red Científica Peruana (RCP) as as Software Architect designing service-based solutions and prioritizing the usage of MongoDB. Prior to RCP he worked at El Comercio, where he leaded the adoption and integration of MongoDB into the company’s IT infrastructure. He is a passionate developer focused on building distributed systems solutions using asynchronous programming with Python and .NET.

As the head of the MongoDB User Group in Peru, Jorge has contributed greatly to evangelization of MongoDB in the country. He has participated in conferences promoting it across several Peruvian cities and is currently spearheading the translation of the MongoDB manual and online education courses into Spanish.

MongoDB Contributions

Karl Seguin

Karl Seguin is a developer with experience across various fields and technologies. He’s an active contributor to OSS projects, a technical writer and an occasional speaker. With respect to MongoDB, he was a core contributor to the C# MongoDB library NoRM, wrote the interactive tutorial mongly, the Mongo Web Admin and the free Little MongoDB Book. His service for casual game developers, mogade.com, is powered by MongoDB.

MongoDB Contributions

Mark Smalley

Mark Smalley is a Brit on a mission. Currently based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, he roams around Asia making every effort he can to convert anyone and everyone into avid MongoDB enthusiasts. He is also one of the lead organizers for the monthly Kuala-Lumpur MongoDB User-Group and lead-developer on several MongoDB powered OpenSource initiatives.

MongoDB Contributions

Russell Smith

Russell is a passionate developer and ops lover. He consulted for companies like Experian and 10gen on development, ops, architecture design and capacity planning. He was instrumental in scaling the Guardian’s MongoDB powered social reader. He has spoken about MongoDB at many London conferences and meetups, including Seedcamp’s Seedhack.

Russell is currently CTO of RainforestQA.com

MongoDB Contributions

Andy Stanberry

Andy is the Director of Development at Sailthru. Sailthru, a behavioral communications platform. Andy has been coding since the late 90’s and using MongoDB since early 2010. Sailthru is his 5th startup and second time leading a technology team. In his spare time he enjoys swing dancing, traditional jazz, and hacking.

James Summerfield

James is a development manager at Rangespan where he divides his time between architecting, building and supporting large scale distributed systems using MongoDB and Hadoop. He founded Interview Zen to help find and hire great developers. He previously led software development projects at HM Treasury, where he designed systems to analyse economic recovery, and at UBS Investment Bank, where he developed real-time trade analytics. He has an MA in Computer Science from Oxford University. James enjoys presenting his work with MongoDB, most recently at the MongoDB UK conference and a number of London MongoDB User Groups.

@jsummerfield on Twitter

James Summerfield on Gitbub

Tony Tam

Tony is a San Francisco Bay Area native. He received his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara and his MBA from Santa Clara University. He is currently the CEO of Wordnik. He was the founding engineer and SVP of Engineering at Think Passenger, the leading provider of customer collaboration software. Prior to joining Passenger, he was lead engineer at Composite Software of San Mateo, California. At Composite Software he helped developed the company’s first- and second-generation query processing engines and led the research and implementation of their patented cost-based federated query optimizer. Prior to that he led software development in the bioinformatics group at Galileo Labs, a drug-discovery company based in the Silicon Valley.

MongoDB Contributions

mongodb oss admin tools

Rose Toomey

Rose Toomey is the creator of Salat, a simple serialization for Scala and MongoDBSalat was developed to make using Scala with Casbah and MongoDB as simple as possible. While Casbah increased the usability of the mongo-java-driver in Scala, there was no correspondingly elegant solution for serializing and deserializing objects. The new horizons opened up by using MongoDB as a document store demanded something better than the complexity and ceremony of the ORMs I’d worked with in the past. I also faced the challenge that my company, Novus Partners, is a financial startup that needs to process massive amounts of data very quickly. What to do? Enter Salat: it not only serializes to and from Mongo documents quickly, but uses hi-fi type information provided by the Scala compiler instead of explicit mappings. No fuss, no muss: my goal is that someone who wants to use Scala and MongoDB can be up and running with Salat in fifteen minutes.

MongoDB Contributions

Jonathan Wage

Software engineer from Nashville, TN currently working for OpenSky.com

MongoDB Contributions

Ian White

Ian is the co-founder and CTO of Sailthru, a company that automatically tailors email, web and advertising content down to the unique user. He was the first non-10gen employee to use MongoDB in production, and built both Business Insider and Sailthru using MongoDB as the datastore.

MongoDB Contributions


Aristarkh Zagorodnikov

Started using MongoDB about half a year ago, made it the default database (we still have most of our stuff using PostgreSQL, but all new development except billing services is done with MongoDB) for our company Bolotov.

MongoDB Contributions

  • MongoDB C# Driver