Agile and Scalable

MongoDB is the only database that harnesses the innovations of NoSQL (flexibility, scalability, performance) and builds on the foundation of relational databases (expressive query language, secondary indexes, strong consistency).

  • Flexible Data Model »

    MongoDB's document data model makes it easy for you to store data of any structure and dynamically modify the schema.

  • Highly Scalable »

    Scale up or scale out horizontally, from a single server to thousands of nodes. Deploy in the cloud and across multiple data centers.

  • High Performance »

    Run high-performance systems at scale. Achieve millions of ops per second for read-heavy, write-heavy, and mixed read-write workloads

  • Expressive Query Language »

    MongoDB's query language provides varied field-level operators, data types and in-place updates. Drivers for just about any programming language make it intuitive to use.

  • Secondary Indexes »

    Fast, fine-grained access to data, including fully consistent indexes on any field, as well as geospatial, text search and TTL indexes.

  • Fastest-Growing Community »

    Join the world's fastest-growing database community. MongoDB stands behind its software to ensure your success, providing software and services to make life easier.